3M Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage For Ostomies

Nexcare For those of us who have an ostomy, there may be certain items your insurance company will not pay for, for me one of those items is the no sting liquid bandage which many of us use. When I first got my ostomy back in 2005 I couldn’t believe how much the medical supply companies were charging for a small bottle of the liquid no sting bandage spray, it was like highway robbery. I was paying close to twenty dollars a bottle of 3M Cavilon no sting bandage spray. Depending on how often you have to change your appliance the cost of the spray can add up quickly. I made it my mission to find a cheaper alternative to the high priced version. Low and behold after about thirty minutes on the internet I found one that was not only cheaper but it was made by the same company, with pretty much the same ingredients. You see, 3M has a product for sale marketed to the general product under the Nexcare brand, and it works wonderful, just as good as their Cavilon brand which seems to be available through a medical supply store.
The bottles are about the same size with the Cavilon brand spray containing 28ml, where as the Nexcare brand contains 18ml. It seems to me that they are trying to take advantage of those with ostomies and medical issues by trying to market the more expensive product to us. Granted you are getting more liquid spray in the Cavilon brand, it just seems crazy to pay for the more expensive product when there is an alternative from the same company. Recently a few months ago I started to purchase the Nexcare no sting liquid bandage through Amazon, I’ve been getting a package of three for about fifteen dollars which is still better then paying twenty dollars for one bottle. I’m sure if I shopped around online I could probably find even a better price for the spray, there’s always someone with a better price. It’s just very discouraging how companies charge differently for their medical products. They seem to want to charge a higher price for those who use these products more often, but charge the general public less for pretty much the same item. So if anyone has an ostomy and is looking for a cheaper but just as good no sting liquid bandage spary please check out the Nexcare no sting liquid bandage spray by 3M.

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