Another Hospital Stay…. and a PIC Line.

Well I almost made it the whole summer without being admitted to the hospital. This past Thursday I was released after a four day stay for another UTI most likely the cause is the left over hardware I have from my artificial urinary sphincter that has been deactivated for years, which has been causing me to have infections. This issue has been my main problem for several years now. My weight loss goal is still in full effect and I’m sure I can reach my goal which will enable me to have the surgery to remove the left over hardware that’s inside of my body. My symptoms piqued a week ago today with fever and chills and I made the decision to go into Boston to the hospital. After a few rounds of tests, they decided it would be best to admit me and treat me intravenously. My temperature reached 102.5 on Tuesday, which caused the doctors to up the dosage of the medication they were giving me. At some point the decision was made that I would be sent home with a PIC line, not exactly what I wanted to hear but my choices were very slim. The PIC line was put in late Wednesday afternoon. After two unsuccessful attempts to put the PIC line in my right arm, they pain was just too much for me. The nurses decided to try the left arm, which was successful and pain-free, though I now have a nice bruise on my right arm from the two failed attempts they made. So the plan now is to have the PIC line in until my next appointment which is on the 15th of September. Now for the next two weeks I administer medication to myself three times a day, which isn’t so bad. At least I got to enjoy the summer without a hospital stay, and I got to enjoy the pool, since swimming with a PIC line is a no-no. Hopefully my visit in a few weeks will be a positive one and they will be able to remove the PIC line. The last time I had a PIC line was for four months and I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time around…

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