Blogmas Day 12

On Monday night I went out to do some night photography, honestly I didn’t think it well all that well. Looking on the back of the LCD screen the photos were not coming out how I expected them to. So I thought. I was pretty disappointed when I came back on Monday night, I didn’t even bother to upload them onto my MacBook Pro. Those photos were left on my camera until this afternoon, when I decided to upload to my laptop. At first glance they really didn’t look like much, I actually thought I was going to delete them all, there were only a dozen photos or so. Once I had them uploaded into Lightroom I decided to do some editing, that’s when I hit gold. I accomplished what I set out to do, and that was to capture a great night photo on my camera. tend to be hard on myself and I get discouraged often, because of my disability. I need to gather confidence in my abilities and stop second guessing myself. Sometimes something great occurs when we think things are not so going well.
Until Next Time… Take Care…

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