Blogmas Day 14

Well, tomorrow is another visit to my urologist in Boston for another catheter change. I have to admit I’m a bit frustrated, I hate having a catheter. The passage to my bladder has too many false passages, which makes it not feasible to self-cath, so my doctor has to place it using a cystoscopy. All in all, it’s not a pleasurable experience. My battle with my weight as I discussed on yesterday’s blog is discouraging. This is the issue which is preventing me from having surgery. I get it, losing the weight will only make my recovery that much better and make my overall health better, it’s just has been a struggle. There are times where I get down close to my weight goal and it seems something happens health wise and knocks everything out of whack. This time I’m not going to let anything in my way or get me down. I’m hoping tomorrow’s appointment goes well.
Until Net Time… Take Care…

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