Blogmas Day 17 &18

I have to admit it’s quite difficult to come up with content for everyday of Blogmas. The thing is, I’m really not that interesting, at least I do not think I am. Other then living with spina bifida, my life doesn’t create enough drama or content to write about everyday. However, I am going to try to write something everyday of Blogmas or I will double up a couple of days.
Tomorrow I’m going to start baking for Christmas. I do a little bit each day, since my back, legs, and hips are not as good as they used to be. I thoroughly enjoy baking various cookies and desserts for the holiday, it keeps me busy, and I get a sense of accomplishing something in life. So tomorrow I will make chocolate chip cookie dough batter, which I’ll let set in the refrigerator for a couple of days, so that the flavors extract into the dough. I’ll also make a batch of blondie brownies, which for some reason I prefer to the chocolate ones. I hope every is really enjoying the holiday season.
Until Next Time… Take Care…

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