Blogmas Day 19

Lately I’ve been very interested in night photography. I’ve seen some very cool images on Instagram, YouTube, and photography blogs, which have peaked my interest. I always thought of night photography being you know, complicated. After doing some research on the internet and watching various YouTube videos, it’s not all that complicated, at least it doesn’t seem complicated. All that I really need to make a good night image photo is my Nikon D610 and my tripod. The key element of this is really the tripod, as you will be taking long exposure photographs, and hand holding the camera is out of the question. The last few nights I’ve managed to drive around my local area to pursue my new found passion, and it’s been working out great. I am by no means an expert on night photography, I just know I really enjoy trying to capture something interesting with my camera. Photography in a small way has managed to take me somewhat out of my funk. The photos posted on this post are from city hall in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
Until Next Time … Take Care…

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