Blogmas Day 20

Yesterday was the official start to my Christmas baking. My task was to make a double batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. I usually let the batter sit in the refrigerator for a couple of days, the cookies come out better and have a really good flavor. Plus being the chef, I have to taste test the batter to make sure it tastes good, needless to say, I had more then just one taste, perhaps several tastes. The batter really does taste delicious and I’m looking forward to baking them off tomorrow, that’s when the real test will be.
This afternoon was very productive as I spent several hours baking. Mind you, I make everything from scratch, nothing is out of a box. Today I made and baked a double batch of 7 layer bars, a double batch of fudge brownies, and a double batch of blondie brownies. While I did taste the batters, and they all tasted great. I did not taste the finished product, which I’ll do tomorrow as I’ll cut them into squares for Christmas Eve and Christmas for family and friends. I really enjoy doing this each year, even though my legs and hips hurt after, but it’s all worth it knowing my family and friends really enjoy the stuff I bake, and they look forward to it each year. This makes me very happy.
I hope you’re enjoying getting ready for your holidays and any baking and cooking that you may be doing.
Until Next Time… Take Care…

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