Blogmas Day 25

Sorry this is a day late, I really wanted to spend a nice day with the family. Christmas Day was really nice. The family slept in and we started to open gifts around 10:30. I received some great gifts which included gift cards, money, and Luminar 2018 for my photography. At this age, Christmas Day is just really another day with more fanfare, which is fine, it’s still my favorite holiday. Christmas dinner was a New York Strip roast, which I cooked to a perfect medium rare, if someone wants it cooked more they can put in the microwave.
My first Blogmas went okay, though I did forget to post a few days and ended up combining some days. Next year I think I’ll be more proactive, this year I decided to do Blogmas on a whim, at the last minute. I’m looking forward to next years Blogmas, hopefully I’ll have something positive in my life to write about. My next goal is to take off the last 45 pounds I need to lose, the first fifty was relatively easy, though I think this will be much harder this time out. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas Holiday, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope your holiday was amazing.
Until Next Time… Thanks for reading my Blogmas 2017 Blog… Take Care…

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