Blogmas Day21

It’s hard to believe there’s only four more days until Christmas. I could have sworn The Fourth of July was not so long ago, time flies by these days. All my gifts are bought and I just have to wrap three, which I’ll do tomorrow. I guess when you’re not married and don’t have any children, Christmas just becomes just another day, though with much more fanfare and presents. Long ago, I told myself I wanted to be married by the time I turned 30, well that hasn’t actually panned out the way I wanted it to. Each team after 30 I would tag an extra 5 years on to that goal. Now at 47, I guess I’m destined to be single, actually it’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing you’re damaged goods. This makes the Christmas season depressing sometimes.The next two days I’ll be finishing up on my Christmas baking, today I baked 9 dozen chocolate chip cookies, I probably would have had 10 dozen, though over the last few days I’ve been tasting the cookie dough just to make sure it’s okay. I hope everyone’s holidays are amazing.
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