Colostomy Issues With Warm Weather

I’ve had my colostomy since 2005 and I’ve adapted pretty well to it. The only issues I’ve had with my ostomy is in the summer time and the warm weather. Most of the time I can get about four days with the ostomy appliance while changing the bag every two days. Once the warm weather starts is when I tend to run into problems. The heat plays havoc with my colostmy. I find I tend to leak a great deal with the warm weather. The last two weeks have been an issue for me, I found myself changing multiple times a week instead of the usual two times. I found myself leaking constantly through the appliance, on a couple of occasions I had to change the appliance two times in one day, I just couldn’t get a good seal with the barrier rings, it seemed my body heat caused the to melt down against my body quicker than normal. Talk about being frustrated, there’s nothing worse than getting finished done changing only come to find out your leaking through the appliance and you have to do the process all over again. I think it’s finally starting to get better, perhaps it’s just the initial reaction every year to the heat, because it seems I have this issue every year once the warm weather kicks in. I also though it could be from the weight loss I’ve had. My stoma is below my skin level so I use an appliance with convexity, the weight loss could be causing issues making it more difficult for me to get a proper seal around the stoma. I’m hoping I have the leaking issue taking care of, because it’s been a real pain in the ass having a colostomy as of late…

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