CranRich Cranberry Supplement For Urinary Tract

CranrichHaving a Foley Catheter in for as long as I have had has caused some unfortunate issues over the years for me. One of my main issues has been the constant urinary tract infections and bladder infections. Without fail I would get at least on UTI a month which was too much for me to handle both physically and mentally. I would drink a glass or two of cranberry juice a day to no avail, the infections kept on coming. As I started to diet I was worried about my carb and sugar intake which we all know, cranberry juice is high in carbs, and being on The Atkins Diet, cranberry juice would have consumed a good portion of my daily allotment of carbs. So I decided to do some research on a cranberry supplement that wasn’t loaded with carbs and I came across the CranRich brand. The reviews on this product were great and it was nice to know there are other people out there who don’t have spina bifida but who are experiencing UTI’s and bladder infections. Many in the spina bifida community I’m sure have experienced the same issues that I’m going through in dealing with these issues, and I’m sure many have turned to cranberry juice.
Cranberries I have to say after roughly three months of taking 1000mg of CranRich, that’s two pills a day, I have not experienced any bladder infections or UTI’s, which is news to my ears. It has helped immensely in cutting down on doctor’s and emergency room visits, some months for me I’d end up having to go multiple doctor’s visits a month because the infection were not getting better. The pills are an extra concentrated formula which gives you a greater amount of cranberry into your body. I don’t think you could drink enough cranberry juice to equal the amount which is contained in the pills. My urologist even commented that he hasn’t heard from me concerning UTI’s and bladder infections and I told him I started taking a cranberry supplement and he told me to keep up the good work. I’m happy I found something that worked while not effecting my dieting program, I get the necessary cranberry supplement without wrecking havoc with my diet. I plan on keeping on track with my two 500mg pills a day, which I take in the morning and at night to help my bladder and urinary tract, I’m hoping that all my fellow spina bifida compatriots have found something that has worked for them, whether it’s by drinking cranberry juice or a cranberry supplement, as we all know dealing with bladder infections and UTI’s sucks big time…

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