Feeling Self- Conscious Using a Cane and Wheelchair

A few posts ago I wrote about how I’ve started using cane for long distance walking and that I had placed an order for a wheelchair. Well, I’ve found myself using the cane more and more, not around the house or anything but when I leave the house to do errands. Granted, the cane does help me with my balance and keeps some weight off of my hip which has been giving me problems as of late, arthritis and bursitis will do that to you. For forty-five years I’ve managed to walk on my own without any assistance of crutches or a wheelchair and this year has changed all of that. My wheelchair came in a few weeks ago and I’ve already have used it a few times, once to go to the Christmas Tree Shop with my mom and once to go see my grandmother in a nursing home, even with my handicapped plate on my car there’s still a great dealing of walking around in those places. I think it just bothers me knowing I’ll be needing assistance when I walk pretty much from now on, not exactly what you would call a big confidence booster.
As far as the hip pain goes, my orthopedic wants to limit the cortisone shots to twice a year, and I’ll be making an appointment sooner than later considering the pain in my hip is starting to bother me even when I’m sitting down writing this blog post. The last time I got a cortisone shot it only helped for about 3 months, I’ll probably have to start using an ice pack and a heating pad to help manage the pain. My self-confidence and self-worth have taken a beating as of late as I’ve had to rely os assisting devices to get around. I’m not sure how this is going to play out, I’m hoping I become less self-conscious about using a cane and wheelchair especially since they are helping me. We’ll see…

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