I am more than Just Damaged Goods!

After spending several days setting up my new blog, my next quest was figuring out what I would write about and what would be the title of my first post. As you can probably see I chose ” I am more than just damaged goods” as the title of my first blog post. I’m sure some may ask why would I choose a title such as that. The answer is a simple one, it’s because I’ve been told I’m damaged goods several times in my life, and I have to tell you it’s pretty hurtful hearing that. The first time I heard that was back in my early twenties, when a very attractive female co-worker gave me a compliment and told me I was very handsome. She then followed her compliment up with “it’s too bad you’re damaged goods”. Let me tell you, her comment has stuck with me ever since, and that was back in 1993, over twenty years ago. The you’re “damaged goods” comment has been said to me several times since then, and I usually just brush it off, but you know what, it pisses me off. I ask myself when the hell would anyone in their right mind say that to anyone, are they really that insecure with their own lives they feel the need to insult someone.

Perhaps these insecure knuckleheads are only seeing what’s on the outside, and not what lies in the inside. After all, I have a great deal to offer, I try not to let my disability define me, sure spina bifida is a huge part of my life, it just doesn’t define me as a person. For over twenty years I worked as a chef in the hospitality industry, and no this isn’t a joke, I really did, and you know what, I was damn good at what I did. Sure my disability has taken that away from me, but I still have a great deal to offer the world, and I think I may have found my next calling, and that’s writing. Writing is something I’ve come to really enjoy, thanks in part in my decision in going back to college and graduating with a bachelors degree in 2011. This blog I think will be very therapeutic for me, it’ll be a place where I can share various tidbits of my life and vent my frustrations in living with spina bifida. Lately, things have been pretty rough for me, my walking seems to be getting worse, I’ve gained weight, I have a colostomy, and to top it all off I have a Foley Catheter but I don’t consider myself “damaged goods”, neither does my friends and family, to them I’m just Chad, and that’s how it should be.

Talk to you soon..

Anything is possible if you believe……

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