June Catheter Change

ca00083_ ds00177_ my00140_im00166_r7_flexible_cystoscopythu_jpgI’m about a week late with my recent catheter change update, so here it goes. Last Wednesday was my latest cath change and I have to admit the every six weeks into Boston is getting a bit old. I’m hoping the more weight I take off the sooner I can have the surgery and do away with the every six-week catheter change with my urologist in Boston. I’ve written about this procedure before on my blog and it does not get any easier. While most patients with spina bifida are able to self-cath, I am not, there are just too many false passages leading into my bladder which prevent me from catheterizing myself. Before the procedure I take 500mg of Cipro which is prescribed by my urologist, I also take a 5mg table of Oxycodone which helps greatly with the pain and discomfort in dealing with this procedure.Unknown While I’m not a big fan of pain medication this is one of the only times other than when I have surgeries when I’ll take a pain pill. For the most part the medication does help, though not always, especially after you’ve had a guide wire and a cystoscope go into your bladder. Usually after the procedure there can be some blood going into the catheter bag but this time I didn’t have any which was a good sign. My urologist also wanted me to take Cipro once a day for a few days just in case and to prevent any infection that might happen. I’m hoping I don’t have too many of these catheter changes left as I’ve lost 45 pounds since January 7th, I still have way to go, my recent weight loss success has given me the confidence to push even harder to lose more weight. Hopefully everything will work out… Unknown

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