Moving Right Along With The Weight Loss

Back in January I made the decision to really make an effort to lose weight. Ever since I stopped working and had to go on disability I gained more weight than I wanted. For a brief moment and I mean a very brief moment, I considered having bariatric surgery to help me lose the weight. What changed my mind was going to the bariatric seminar at a hospital in Boston.I’m not one who enjoys having surgery and after reviewing the options I decided I would really buckle down and go on a weight loss regime. The options for surgery looked quite dangerous to me, more dangerous then anything I’ve gone through with spina bifida. It seems with me, I’m the person who is in that small percentage where complications arise and I wasn’t to thrilled at hearing of the possible complications associated with having bariatric surgery. I chose The Atkins Diet because I followed something similar years ago and had great results. The best part was I maintained a good weight for about fifteen years, until my artificial urinary sphincter failed (this was the third one) and my urologist decided a Foley Catheter would be best.
Initial weight loss on Atkins was amazing losing around twenty pounds in a few weeks, keeping my carbs between 18-22 grams per day. I kept my carbs pretty low for about three months, which at that point my primary care doctor suggested I increase my carb intake slightly. Currently, I’m taking in around forty-five grams of carbs per day mostly in the form of leafy green vegetables and berries, with the occasional protein bar thrown into the mix, usually a Quest Bar or an Atkins snack bar, both bars are relatively low in net carbs and the taste good.
So far I’ve lost about thirty-five pounds since January, I’ve started to incorporate more cardio into my workout which is twenty-five minutes four times a week, this has been great with helping to take more weight off. This weekend I plan on to starting lifting free weights which I have in my basement and I’m hoping it will accelerate the weight loss even more. I try to give myself one cheat day a week, nothing real crazy, just enough to try to trick my metabolism so it doesn’t get to stagnant. While the weight loss will be great for my over all health, it will help greatly in healing for the surgery which is the main reason for for me dieting. I still have a little ways to go, I feel I’m on the right path…

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