My Weight Loss Goal

My catheter change was last Friday and well, it was another catheter change. This time around it was a bit more painful than usual even though I took some pain medication about an hour before the procedure, perhaps I should have taken it earlier, I’ll give it a try during my next appointment in September. As I was laying on the table for the procedure, my urologist told me that my goal weight would be 200 pounds for him to do the surgery, that’s 50 more pounds to go. It’s going to be a challenge, though I’m pretty excited with my current weight loss of 55 pounds. Honestly, I think that’s pretty good, a 55 pound loss since January the 7th. My goal is to reach 200 pounds by the end of December, I think that’s pretty realistic, it’s about 10 pounds per month. I’ve been pretty strict, though I give myself a re-feed day where I’ll eat a bit more carbs while cutting on the fat and protein. The re-feed day seems to work, it helps replenish nutrients I may have lost during the other six days where I’m pretty strict about my carb intake. I plan on using the month of August to really get cracking and finish my book, I’m a bit over 40,000 and I’ve been slacking so far this summer. This book is real special to me even though it’s purely fiction, there aren’t too many books out their where the main character has spina bifida, I think people will end up liking it.
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