The Holidays and Picc Line

First off I hope you had a very nice Christmas, Hanukkah,or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate. The month leading up to the actual holiday is pretty busy and chaotic to say the least.As a former chef, my job is to take care of the baking, which I really enjoy. I usually start about two weeks before Christmas, where I bake and freeze the cookies and what not, so they will stay fresh until Christmas Day, I pull the frozen baked goods out of the freezer the day before. These days I have to take my time, due to the fact I can’t stand for long periods of time, which isn’t much of a big deal. This year I did five different cookies at about four dozen each and three types of dessert bars chocolate fudge brownies, blondies, and the Christmas favorite seven layer bar. As usual, I baked way too much, that was okay though, as I gave away some to family and friends.Christmas Day itself was very low-key, with just the four of us. For Christmas lunch we had lasagna and prime rib. Considering I’m doing the low carb diet, I settled on a piece of prime rib cooked a perfect medium-rare.
I was thankful that my infectious disease doctor gave the go ahead to have my picc-line removed two days before Christmas. The visiting nurse came to my house to take it out, saving me the trip into Boston, which was nice. I’ve noticed I’ve lost some serious muscle in my arms since the picc- line was put in at the end of August. There’s a strict no lifting heavy weight when it’s in. It was a long four months having it in, and I was pretty much at my wits end with doing the medication three times a day.
2017 is officially hear, and once again I was in bed before midnight, missing the fireworks on the television, oh well, there’s always next year. I did grill outside four New York Sirloin Steaks for New Years Day lunch, and mine was delicious. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2017,even with all of our issues living with spina bifida, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Until next time…

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