Time To Crush IT!

As I was in the treatment room of my urologist last Friday afternoon for another cystoscopy and catheter change, I decided it’s time to crush it and take off the other 40 or so pounds I have to lose. The first 50 came off pretty good, then I got sick and stuck with a picc line for almost four months. Before the picc line I had started to do some weight lifting with light weight to strengthen my arms and it was going pretty good. With the picc line you cannot lift any weights, it will cause tremendous problems, and I do not need anymore problems than I already have. My goal is to take off the last 40-45 pounds off by the summer time, it can be done, I’ve done it before. It has to be done, the foley cath needs to be gone so I can have some sort of life. Everything I do revolves around do I have access to a bathroom, it gets annoying at times to say the least, and honestly, I’m sick and tired of the every six weeks visit to my urologist. It’s tiring, and I’m done! The cardio work I’ve been doing on the stationary bike has been consistent, 4-5 days a week for a half hour each session, it seems to do the trick. It’s kept the weight at a consistent level.
The second thing I half to start to crush is my writing, my unfinished novel. I’ve been stuck at 47,000 words since Thanksgiving, I’ve seriously have slacked during the holidays. It needs to get it finished, I have too many ideas for other books rolling around inside of my head. Heck, I even named this blog after the title I came up with for my book, “I’m More Than Just Damaged Goods”. That title alone can have so much meaning for different people who have a disability. I think when the book is done, people will like it, heck I like what I’ve written so far. It’s pretty powerful, now that I thinks about it. If people like reading John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars”, I think they’ll probably like this, maybe more so, but I’m being a bit biased here.
So here’s to getting my shit together and Start Crushing It…. Be safe everyone!

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