What To Do For My Second Act

Grist Mill Interior-2 In 2008 I stopped working and had to go disability, not by choice mind you its just my body was starting to break down on me, preventing me from continuing to work as a chef. In that time I’ve had countless surgeries, got my bachelors degree, many emergency room visits, ambulance rides and hospital stays. Cooking was my passion,I did for over twenty years. While I still do cook at home, my hip and leg issues have prevented me from doing it professionally.My dilemma these days are what the hell am I going to do once I have the surgery that I need to have. It seems I need to find a new passion for the second act of my life. Lately I’ve enjoyed doing photography as a hobby and writing as I’m trying to write a novel with the main character having spina bifida. I’m really not sure where these to interests are going to take me. While I love photography, sometimes it’s just not feasible as I have a hard time walking and to get the best pictures or the ones I want to take requires me to do more walking than I’m able to. This requires me to take multiple breaks so I can give my legs and hips a rest.CMS_0939-Gristmill B&W_psd I’m a pretty determined person so I think I’ll manage to find a way to continue doing photography even if it will cause me some discomfort, I’ve spent too much time cooped up in my house as a recluse feeling sorry for myself. I enjoy finding places to photography and creating visually appealing photos. While I know I have a long way to go, I think I’ve made much progress since I bought my first DSLR six years ago. I’ve even have printed several photographs onto canvass and have them hanging in the house. I’ve started to become more active on Instagram and 500px where my photographs have been exposed to a wider audience. The upcoming spring and summer should be a great time for shooting and as long as my health holds up and doesn’t give me too much problems, I plan on trying to take as many photos as i can a build up my social media audience. To look at my small portfolio on 500px the link is https://500px.com/chadstraw Martha Mary Chapel Sudbury, Ma

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